Finch 2021 Movie Short Story | A Robot, A Dog And Finch

Finch 2021 Movie Cover Photo
Finch 2021 Movie Cover Photo

Finch 2021 Movie Short Story

The earth has become unsuitable for buses due to solar disasters. Robotics engineer Finch took refuge in an underground bunker with the dog Goodyear. All the new dangers keep coming one by one. Finch with those experiences.

Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks in Finch 2021
Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks in Finch 2021

Finch has recently released a trailer for the film. There, Oscar-winning Tom Hanks played Engineer Finch. He fell into great anxiety with his companion Lakshmi the dog. Who will take care of Goodyear when he dies? So he made a robot named Jeff. Engineer Finch takes Goodyear and Jeff to a hidden bunker.

FINCH Movie Trailer

They have been in that bunker for almost a decade. The struggle of these three to survive a catastrophic storm begins.

At the same time, they face many unforeseen challenges, including hostile weather, scorching heat, and ultraviolet rays. Finch film will be released on Apple TV Plus on November 5.

Finch Film Cast
Finch Film Cast

They are very optimistic about the film. Meanwhile, the company’s Ted Lasso series has broken records and received the most Emmy nominations this year. Finch is the second photo of Tom Hanks on Apple TV Plus. Earlier, they also acted in Sony’s Greyhound movie. Tom Hanks also acted there.

Director – Miguel Sapochnik
Composer – Gustavo Santaolalla
Cinematographer – Jo Willems
Editor – Tim Porter
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