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Famous Actress Nusrat Jahan is the victim of ridicule

Tollywood actress Nusrat Jahan cannot keep herself away from controversy. One sneer after another is coming towards him.

Still, Nusrat is trying to stay good by avoiding everything. He is spending his days with little Ishan. And after posting something on social media, netizens are looking to seize Nusrat!

Actress Nusrat Jahan
Actress Nusrat Jahan Photo

This is exactly what happened recently. Nusrat Jahan posted a video of a detergent advertisement on his Instagram. Nusrat shot this announcement while she was pregnant. Raja Goswami, the actor in the series was with him.

Online fans started mocking Nusrat after seeing the video of this advertisement. One comment after another came to notice in Nusrat’s comment box.

Someone wrote, can this detergent spot people’s characters like you? Someone wrote again, have you ever washed your own hands?

Many personalities came out of these and started speaking about Nusrat’s lips. However, in the midst of this sarcasm, some people have filled Nusrat’s post with love. Many have also searched for Nusrat’s son Ishan.

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