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How can I Earn Money After Retirement In Bangladesh?

How Can I Earn Money After Retirement In Bangladesh?

In this post, you will discuss 10 works in the context of Bangladesh. A retired person usually asked: How Can I Earn Money After Retirement In Bangladesh?  These jobs you can earn in retirement.

After retirement, due to family needs and personal financial problems, people over 55 have to look for regular sources of income even after retirement.

How can I Earn Money After Retirement In Bangladesh?

Those who have been working for a long time, have contact with many of them through this job. As a result, if they are thinking of starting a business after retirement, it will not succeed or fail (a matter of concern).

Experience and huge acquaintances are quite helpful due to long-term employment. Retirees, if they have the willpower and ability to work, can earn good money during their retirement.

During leisure time people do many kinds of work. Some enjoy work and others spend time with their families. If you want to get back to work, look for a job or work that you enjoy. Let’s take a look at 10 jobs that are more enjoyable and less risky for retired employees.

1. Income From Home Or Shop Rent

In the case of a person who accumulates savings after renting a house or shop, you can build a house by investing from that time or buy some shop in a good position. There is no such thing. Will work for a good profit.

Rent Shop/House
Rent Shop/House

2. Income From Own Car Rental

If you are a good driver or you can drive a car, in this case, you can earn money by buying a car. In the context of Bangladesh, ride-sharing is currently popular.

However, it is also possible to earn income for various occasions such as weddings or picnics or by renting a car on an institutional contract basis.

Rent a car
Rent A Car

Currently, in urban areas of Bangladesh, some drivers drive and earn a good amount of money through an application called Uber / Pathao. At present, the Uber / Pathao ride-sharing application is very popular in Bangladesh.

3. Become A Trainer

After retirement, it is not a bad idea to pursue a career in education. There are numerous advantages to working as a teacher.


You can earn money by sharing your experience with others if you are involved in teaching, just as you can be in the pursuit of knowledge. You can either be a music teacher or an institutional teacher.

4. Farming (Cow / Poultry / Chicken)

Nowadays farming business is very popular in Bangladesh. Now training is given by the government for farming business.


If a retired person wants, he can start a farming business with government training. Or a retired person can take care of it and if we talk about investors there is no need to invest too much it is an independent and well-earned job for Bangladeshis.

5. Revenue From Product or Service-Based Online Business

Nowadays online business is very popular in Bangladesh but if you want to do online business you need to know a lot about online. You can sell products or services online. You can sell online.

Online Business
Online Business

Nowadays it is seen that there is a demand for all kinds of products online which are delivered to the customer through courier so you can also do online business if you want. If you want to do business online, you can learn a lot by watching videos from YouTube.

6. Working As A Salesman In A Store

To fill your free time, you could work as a cashier or manager in a local retail store. It is a very convenient and simple job. You can also work as a salesperson in large chain stores.

Sales man

7. Earn By Freelancing

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through freelancing. This sector is playing an important role in reducing unemployment in Bangladesh, and many skilled people are working in it and representing our country.

It draws attention to Bangladesh around the world. In fact, many people in many large countries around the world were unaware that there was a country called Bangladesh on the world map. Our country’s freelancers are introducing those people to Bangladesh.


Simultaneously, they send millions of dollars in remittances to Bangladesh each month. So, by participating in freelancing, you can both earn money and share in the glory.
Let’s see how we can get started. Freelancing is essentially the type of work in which you are skilled at doing the work for a fee.

There is no specific location or employer for you to work at. You will be able to work from home, and your clients will be from various countries. It will continue to evolve in the future.

However, first and foremost, certain subject skills are required. Graphics design, photo-editing, web design, website creation, copywriting, content writing, logo design (logo design), and so on.
You can only work as a freelancer if you are proficient in any of these tasks. You have a better chance of making money if you can do more than one job.

After you have learned the job, you must create an account with your information on various freelancing websites (such as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiver, etc.). Following that, you must mention some of your strengths at that site.

But there is one thing you must remember. Nowadays, there are numerous online income sites. However, there is no suitable and high-quality website.
So, before you begin working on any website, you should take a good look at it. You will only begin working on that site if everything appears to be in order.

Then, to demonstrate your ability to do any previous work, you must arrange it on that website in the form of a portfolio. Your client will come and look at your portfolio, and if he likes it, he will hire you.

In this case, our advice would be to build a strong portfolio, because in most cases, new portfolios will help you land the job.
Finding a job can be difficult at first. In that case, if you have a freelancer on hand, you can use his name as a reference.

When your first client gives you a positive review after you get a job through this reference, you will notice that the work will continue to come in.

You can also go first and compete in various competitions. Clients can also be obtained from there. In our opinion, getting your first job in the field of freelancing is a little difficult.

8. Home Tutor/ Coaching Business

A retired person can earn money by teaching (home tutor). If you want to do this profession in a wide range, you can open a coaching center. Because every area has school and college students.


9. Earnings By Youtubing

If you have skills in any subject then you can do youtube. All you need to do on YouTube is your video editing skills and a smartphone or camera.


Youtubing is an independent profession where no investment is required, only your skill and hardworking.

10. Second-Hand Product Sell

A retired person can buy and sell second-hand products, in which case he does not need much money.

He can make a good amount of profit only through intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Examples are second-hand motorcycles, second-hand mobile phones, etc.


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