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Start Online Business With 20000 Taka

You can get various business ideas online with a capital of 20,000 Taka. But there you will not find complete information. Let’s share a new idea.

You can make and sell cloth bags online with a capital of 20,000 BDT (Start Online Business With 20000 Taka). In this case step by step, all will be described. Please read the article carefully.
In this case, I would say that given the current situation, running a bag business is very reasonable. Because the use of bags in our daily activities is increasing. So let’s talk about the basics,

Where can I get raw materials? First, you need a house and some trained staff. You will also need a sewing machine called a swing machine. The raw material of cloth bags is cloth, yarn, repeat, zipper, ribbon, fiber, dice, and color for screen printing. And you have to have the idea of ​​marketing. Chinese cloth, yarn, and ribbon are available in Islampur. Fiber and repeat are available in Chawkbazar. Screenprint dice can be made from Shankhari Bazaar. You can buy colors from Nawabpur, Dhaka.


Production And Cost:

It will take 35 yards of Chinese cloth to make 100 big bags.

If it is a small bag, it will take 15 yards.

One yard of Chinese cloth costs 240 Taka.

The border of the bag is attached with a ribbon.

It will take six ribbons for 100 bags.

The price of each ribbon is 52 Taka.

One bag will need a zipper.

The price of 100 zippers is 800 Taka.

It takes a repeat to put the handle of the bag.
One bag takes four reps. It takes 400 repeats in 100 bags. Price 200 Taka. You have to put fiber in the handle. This is an advantage to hold the handle. It takes five kg of fiber to make 100 bags. Fiber 60 Taka per kg. It costs 10 Taka to print a screen on two backs. You can buy an old sewing machine for 25,000 Taka.

Three thousand Taka for renting a room. Determine the employee’s salary according to skill. Before starting a business, it is better to sign an agreement with a wholesaler in different markets or in Chawkbazar. Then the size of the bag can be made convenient for them. It will cost 50-60 Taka to make a bag of 249-inch size.

70-80 Taka sold in the market. Made in 2616 inch size will cost 90-100 Taka. Sale 110-130 Taka. An employee can make about two dozen bags a day. A bag made by an employee has a profit of 10-12 thousand Taka per month. You can also increase the scope of business by increasing the number of employees. This will reduce the cost, the profit will be more.

There is a bag factory of Mohammad Shahidullah in Jatrabari. Factory with two sewing machines and two employees. Do the marketing work yourself. Shahidullah said the main problem with running a factory is that employees do not stay long. After learning to work, he makes his own factory.

In his 18 years of business, 18 employees have left the job. They all now own factories. If you want to do business, you have to have a good relationship with the market.

Experience is also needed when buying raw materials, otherwise, you have to cheat. If you can invest one lakh, Taka, in total, it does not matter to earn 30-40 thousand Taka per month. Bags made in our country are more durable than Chinese bags. It is possible to hold the market with homemade bags.

Where to sell?

Local Market: You can sell your prepared bag at the retail and wholesale markets. Can keep sales representative for more sales.

Online Marketplace Free Methode: At present, the online marketplace is very popular in Bangladesh. Daraj / Ajkerdil is one of the mentioned marketplaces in Bangladesh. You can easily sell products through all these marketplaces.

Online Marketplace Paid Methode: You can promote products by boosting pay. In that case, you can use Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

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