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How To Control Weight Even After Eating rice | TopicZet Good Heath Tips & Trick 2021

How To Control Weight Even After Eating rice

Plate of rice

Rice is the main food of Bengalis. No matter what the Bengalis eat all day, the Bengalis do not seem to be satisfied without rice. That is why it is called ‘Bengali in fish and rice’. But many people try to stop eating rice for fear of gaining weight.

But it was not possible to stop the rice completely. However, how to control the food according to the local customs and traditions. Let’s find out how to do this without putting rice on the menu.

1. Reduce the amount of rice. Keep rice at noon or at night, measure it too.

2. To maintain the nutritional value of rice, it is better to eat it without leaving rice starch. It contains water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Red rice has more fiber and fewer calories than white rice. So try to eat red rice.

3. It is not right to go to bed immediately after eating rice. Do 30 to 45 minutes of various activities and walks after eating, so that it has time to metabolize.

4. Fried rice, pulao, biryani, etc. are high in calories. You have to try to avoid these.

5. Rice that is high in amylose (such as basmati) is crispy and low in sugar. Rice that is sticky has less amylose and more amylopectin. The sugar rises rapidly.

. Eating other high-calorie foods such as fast food, chocolate, ice cream, parota, bread, many pieces of bread to meet the demand by reducing rice does not get any benefit.

. Take one-fourth of the rice in the dish. Vegetables and salad will cover half of the dish. The remaining one-fourth will be a protein or fish meat.

. If there is more food, rice is eaten more. Especially in the case of mashed potatoes, the amount of rice eaten increases. So you have to try to keep the food terms low. One meat (fish or meat or egg) should be kept with enough vegetables every day. It is better to keep pulses with it.

9. There is no question that rice should be completely eliminated in weight control. Instead, it is better to take 40-50 percent of the daily caloric requirement from whole grains.

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