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Memorable Events

Memorable Events Of History 2nd October

The following are the memorable events in the history of October 2. All of these events are & will be memorable.

> In the battle of the Crusades, the Muslim general Salauddin Ayubi was able to liberate the Baitul Moqaddas. – 1186
>> Britain, France, Austria and the Netherlands formed an alliance against Spain in London. -1718
>> John Andre, the American independence movement, was hanged. – 1780
>> The first census begins in the USA. – 1780
>> The General Post Office was inaugurated in Calcutta. – 1868
>> Typhoon kills 80,000 people in China. -1922
>> Adolf Hitler made his debut as a German dictator. -1934
>> Mussolini led the invasion of Ethiopia (Abyssinia). – 1935
>> Hitler, the leader of Germany’s Nazi forces, ordered a second attack on Russia. – 1941
>> The Soviet Union conducted its first nuclear test. – 1941
>> Ghana gained independence from France. – 1958
>> India’s first television station was launched in Bombay. -1972
>> Eleven Air Force officers were killed in a mutiny at Dhaka Cantonment and the airport. – 1977
>> In Dhaka, Riyadh introduced direct trunk dialing. – 1979
>> Bangladesh Grameen Bank was launched. – 1983
>> Iraqi tanks and infantry occupy Kuwait. – 1990
>> The Bangladesh government approved the sapta. – 1995
>> Mother Teresa received honorary citizenship of the United States. – 1996
>> The Peruvian passenger plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean. It killed 60 people, including crosses. – 1996
>> Iran and Kuwait sign defense intelligence agreement in Tehran. – 2002

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