Musician Luke Zancanaro And Tannah Zancanaro | Interview 2022

Musician Luke Zancanaro And Tannah Zancanaro recently performed on “The Voice Global | Journey #191″. The judges of The Voice Global enjoyed listening to their songs. And surprised to learn that they are husband and wife.

Musician Luke Zancanaro And Tannah Zancanaro
Luke Zancanaro And Tannah Zancanaro Photo

In this stage show, 2 people have sung 4 songs together. Luke Zancanaro: `Skin ‘by Rag N Bone Man | Tannah Zancanaro: ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie | Luke Zancanaro: ‘Pray for me’ by The Weekend | Tannah Zancanaro: ‘Lost in Japan’ by Shawn Mendes

Musician Luke Zancanaro And Tannah Zancanaro Interview

Hi. My name is Tanna.

I’m Luke Zenkenaro. We’re husband and wife.

We got married in October last year.

Yes. It’s going well because we’re still married.

Yeah. That’s when you know.

Best MRI.

It was just incredible. And it was, like, his big blue eyes and his blue bow tie that, like, perfectly matched his eyes. And I was like, oh, my gosh, that’s amazing.

You try and build yourself up and how beautiful someone is going to look.

It was actually the best I’d ever looked. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, I will probably never like this again. This is amazing.

We’re both professional musicians full-time. It’s what we do. We perform a lot around Sydney as a duo, but tonight, instead of performing as a duo, we thought we’d let each other do our own thing.

I think it’s good for our growth as individuals. Even though we sound amazing together, it’s nice for us to sort of be our own person, our own artist.

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Yeah. We’re going first to lead the team out. Team Zenkenara.

I can feel the nerves definitely starting to kick in now.

I’m not going to see Luke’s audition. I’m going to be back here getting ready for mine. I won’t know whether he’s turned a chair. Like, I won’t know anything.

It’s daunting to think that the coaches might not turn, and it will be devastating if one of us don’t get in, but they would be crazy. It’s turned around folk. He’s incredible.

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