Cricketer Nasir Hossain And Tamima’s Marriage Is Not Valid | Reported By PBI Sep 2021


Nasir Hossain And Tamima’s Marriage Is Not Valid

Cricketer Nasir Hossain And Tamima’s Marriage was not legal. The divorce documents of Tamima and Rakib Hasan have been forged. Tamima married Nasir Hossain without divorcing Rakib Hasan.

This information has come up in the report of the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI).

The report was filed in the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mohammad Jasim on Thursday. PBI investigation officer Mizanur Rahman submitted the report.

Cricketer Nasir Hossain, Saudi Airlines pilot Tamima Sultana Tammi and Tamima’s mother Sumi Akter have been found guilty in the investigation of the case.

As the divorce was not legal, the cabin crew of Saudi Airlines Tamima Sultana Tammi is still the wife of businessman Rakib Hasan.

According to the investigation report, Nasir married Tamima knowing that the divorce was not proper. Tamima did not divorce Rakib. Legally, Rakib did not receive any notice of divorce. Tamima has published the divorce notice of the postal department by forging the opposite and has published it through various means.

As a result of not getting a divorce in due process, Tamima Tammi is still in power as Rakib’s wife. According to the religious rules and laws of the country, it is illegal and punishable to marry another person without divorcing one husband. In such a situation, the marriage of cricketer Nasir Hossain and Tamima Tammi has been mentioned in the report as illegal.

Earlier, the court had fixed September 30 for filing an investigation report in a case filed against cricketer Nasir Hossain and his wife Tamima Sultana for marrying someone else’s wife without a divorce paper. Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mohammad Jasim’s court was scheduled to file an investigation report on August 31.

The investigating agency of the case did not submit the PBI report on that day. The judge fixed September 30 for the submission of the report.

Tamima’s first husband on February 24. Rakib Hasan filed the case as a plaintiff. The court accepted the plaintiff’s statement on the same day. After the hearing in the afternoon, the court investigated the allegations in the case and directed the PBI to submit a report.

According to the case, Tamima and Rakib got married on February 26, 2011. They also have an eight-year-old daughter. Tamima is a cabin crew by profession. Mr Rakib came to mark when the wedding photos of Tamima and cricketer Nasir Hossain were spread on social media on February 14 this year. Later in the papers, he could find out the details of the incident.

The statement further said that Tamima had married Nasir while she was in a marital relationship with Rakib, which is completely illegal under religious and state law. It is alleged that Nasir tempted Tamima and took her to him.

Rakib and his eight-year-old daughter have been emotionally devastated by the immoral and illicit relationship between Tamima and Nasir.

Rakib has been seriously defamed in such activities of the arrested, which is an irreparable loss for him. In this situation, in the interest of justice, the court is willing to issue necessary orders against the accused under sections 494/496/496/500 and 34 of the Penal Code. [Source-Jugantor BD]

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