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You should Know Before Buying A Computer Or Laptop | Updated Information By Topic Zet

You should Know Before Buying A Computer Or Laptop

You should Know Before Buying A Computer Or Laptop

In today’s world, not a single moment can be imagined without a computer. There is direct and indirect use of computers in almost every field from human life to education, business, office, entertainment.

A computer makes human difficult tasks very easy. Presently, everyone has a computer, and many are thinking of buying a new computer. But many people are fooled bcoz they do not have a good idea about computers.

Budget And Shop Points

Shop PointYou must budget according to demand. Below are some opinions on how to budget when purchasing a computer to keep in mind. How far is the store from where you are buying from your home? If you buy a computer from the nearest shop, if there is a problem with the computer, you can contact quickly. In this case, you can get a good facility.  What kind of customer service does the shopkeeper give to Jenin? In this case, the familiar shopkeepers will be fairly good.

Hard Disk Ideas

Harddisk Image

Currently, there are high-quality hard disks available in the market which is known as SSD. This hard disk will make your computer/laptop’s performance better than a normal hard disk. The market price of SSD hard disk starts from Rs 16,000 (120 GB). I would recommend using an SSD hard disk. A hard disk is used to store all the information of a computer. It also acts like a computer’s virtual RAM. The more space on the hard disk, the more information you can collect. Hard disks are currently available from 160 GB to 3 TB. The higher the RPM of the hard disk, the higher its data transfer capacity. You need to buy the hard disk according to the port of the hard disk on the motherboard. If you want to use an external hard disk, buy it by looking at the USB port version of the motherboard.

Processors Idea

Processor ImageThe processor is said to be the price component of PC performance. This processor controls the core of the computer. This is basically called CPU. Since the processor is an important item for the computer, special care must be taken when buying it. The clock speed of the processor is an important issue. The higher the clock activity, the higher the processing ability of the processor. In addition, as the processor series improves, its speed will increase. When buying a processor, you have to look at the number of threads. The higher the number of cores and threads, the higher the speed. Also need to know about bus speed and cache memory.

Motherboards Ideas


The most essential part of a computer is the motherboard. All the basic components of a computer’s CPU are built on this motherboard. So try to buy a quality motherboard. Of course, buy a branded company’s motherboard. Before buying a motherboard, check the number of graphics card slots, RAM slots, and USB ports.

RAM Ideas

Ramp IMGRAM’s job is to make your PC run faster. The more RAM you put in, the faster the computer can work. In the present era, 2/4/6/16 GB RAM is the standard line.

However, if you are a gamer or work in graphics, then you need to increase the RAM. Before buying RAM, make sure that it matches the DDR with the motherboard.

Graphics Card Ideas

Especially for gamers, computers and designers need good graphics cards. Graphics cards of different brands are available in the market. The higher the graphics card V-RAM, the better the results.
The power of the graphics card also changes for different things like clock rate, memory bus etc. So before buying a computer, you should know this well.

Monitor Ideas

Monitor IMGThe best brands for monitors are Samsung, Dell, LG, Philips, HP, etc. When buying a monitor, keep the following points in mind: It is better to buy an LCD monitor, but keep in mind: If the monitor is wide, the song is good for the movie.
Square monitors are good for work. It works as a computer monitor and TV 2 in one. If you do not have a TV card, you can buy a separate TV card. Don’t buy a low-cost monitor, as these monitors will not get a stable low-end color or contest.

Casing Ideas

Casing ImgThe casing is the box for arranging the CPO. Brands are not so important for the casing. However, note the following:

The price of the casing is fairly low. If the wattage of the power supply unit is more, the price of the casing is a little higher. However, it is better to buy a high-powered external graphics card, because it takes a higher quality power supply to use a large screen monitor.

Helpful Information

ManYou can buy any power supply.
Buy a branded CD / DVD player
Good brands for branded CDs / DVD players/writers are Samsung, Asus.
In the case of branded CD DVD players, it is better to buy a combo or a DVD writer.

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