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Who is Julien Knafo? Julien Knafo is a Composer, Director, and Writer. Writer Julien Knafo is Known for Brain Freeze (I) (2021), IMarguerite ( 2017/), Lucidité passagère (2009), Magasin (2005), The Marsh (2002), The Greens (2010).

Writer Julien Knafo Biography

Julien Knafo is an award-winning composer, director, and screenwriter. He’s composed original music for over twenty short and feature films since then. Simultaneously, he’s directed short and medium-length fiction pieces (Noir, Magasin) as well as a few commercials and music videos, including Pierre Lapointe’s Qu’en est-IL De la Chance? (voted Best Music Video in 2007).

He is captivated by the close synergy that exists between music and the moving image. He was recently nominated for a “Jutra” award for the music he composed for the feature film “Blind Spot,” which he also co-directed. He is now working on two feature film projects alongside Barbara Shrier and Marie-Hélène Panisset: Brain Freeze and Corax.

Julien Knafo’s exact date of birth is unknown. He’s a gifted but inexperienced composer with a Netflix show under his belt. Director Knafo is a young man in his thirties to forties (Approx). Julien Knafo’s parents’ names have not been published.

Julien Knafo Education

Julien Knafo attended Concordia University and majored in cinematography.

Julien Knafo Family & Relative Details

Father Name: Not Known
Mother Name: Not Known
Wife/Spouse Name: Not Known 
Child Name: Unknown
Father in law name: Not Known
Mother in law name: Not Known

Julien Knafo Wikipedia

Full Names: Julien Knafo
Popular As:  Julien
Birthdate & Place: Not Known
Gender: Male
Race / Ethnicity: White.
Religion: Christian
Occupation / Profession:  Composer, Director, and Writer.
Nationality: Not Known
Se**ual Orientation: Straight.

Writer Julien Knafo Age, Height, Weight

Julien Knafo current age: 30 – 45 years old
Julien Knafo Height:  Not known
Julien Knafo Weight: Not known 
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Brown

Writer Julien Knafo Net Worth And Monthly Earnings

Net Worth 2021: $5M-$10M
Net Worth 2020: Will Update
Monthly salary: Will Update
Earnings Source: Screen Writing

Julien Knafo Filmography

Julien Knafo Wikipedia

Julien Knafo is a successful Composer | Director | Writer from the USA. He worked on several films from 20002 to 2021. The notabale film are Marguerite, A Moonless Night: Boat People, 40 Years Later, Lucidité passagère etc.

About Trending Film: Brain Freeze (2021)

Film Director: Julien Knafo

Script Writer: Julien Knafo

Top Cast: Top Cast:  Iani BédardRoy DupuisMarianne Fortier

Freeze (2021) storyline: The wealthy residents of Peacock Island want to be able to play golf all year. Their wish is granted in the form of a new fertilizer that can grow grass even in the coldest weather, but they soon discover that all-year golfing comes at a price. The experimental fertilizer contaminates the water supply, unleashing a frightening zombie outbreak. André, 13 years old, witnesses the start of a catastrophic epidemic that leaves him orphaned. When he encounters security guard Dan on a risky voyage to safety at the Golf Club chalet, he is terrified and must fight for his survival and that of his one-year-old sister.

When people think of zombie horror-comedy these days, they almost always think of Shaun of the Dead, the now-classic British rom-com. Brain Freeze, on the other hand, is more “you’ve got green on you” than “you’ve got red on you.” Not just because infected humans turned zombies have green flashing eyes, shed green blood, and sprout moss and grass, yes grass… No, this picture is more environmentally conscious than that; it is not just a zombie horror-comedy, but also an environmental horror, a sharp warning against tampering with Mother Nature.

Given that we’ve just experienced global lockdowns, Brain Freeze appears to be a homage to those lockdowns, as the rest of Quebec blows up the bridge connecting the island to the mainland… in the ultimate closed border action. It’s certainly one method to deal with a zombie apocalypse! Brain Freeze is also a fantastic polemic against right-wing politics, media hegemony, corporate greed, and the “1%.”

Julien Knafo Photo

Julien Knafo’s video could potentially be interpreted as a metaphor for the worldwide pandemic, considering the current climate. The film, you see, plays on the “one rule for us, one rule for them” division that exists in society but was worsened by the pandemic, with many rich people clearly enjoying more freedoms than us poor people during numerous lockdowns, whether they be celebrities or politicians.

While the picture has deep socio-political undertones, on the surface, Brain Freeze is a hilarious zombie comedy that is nevertheless frightening. At the best of times, it’s difficult to pull both laughs and scares, but when you’re already hitting political points, seeing writer/director Julien carry off all three is impressive. Truly.

Julien Knafo Lifestyle
Julien Knafo Group Photo

It helps that Knafo has an excellent cast, particularly young lead Iani Bédard, who finds himself parentless and in charge of his younger sibling in the midst of a zombie outbreak; and Roy Dupuis as want tobe survivalist Dan, one of the island’s security guards, who finds himself one of the only people willing and able to take on the zombies because he doesn’t live on the island.

Well, I say willing and able, but Dan is anything but willing; all he wants to do is save his estranged daughter, but when they meet paths, he “accidentally” ends up assisting Bédard’s Andre.

Finally, Brain Freeze is a terrific illustration of how horror, particularly the zombie genre, can address a wide range of social issues while also being a fun and exciting genre film in its own right. To be honest, I think this one ranks right up there with Shaun of the Dead as a great zombie comedy (yeah, controversial!).


Fantasia Film Festival 2021
Best Canadian Feature
Brain Freeze (2021)
Bronze Award, 3rd place

Jutra Awards 2011
Best Score (Meilleure Musique Originale)
Lucidité passagère (2009)

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