10 Things You Didn’t Know About Taya Miller

Taya Miller Image
Taya Miller Image

1. Who is Taya Miller?

Taya Miller Digital content creator and entertainer (Cosplay) I like to bring characters to life + make people smile 🙂 Primary Partners: Disney & Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Sony, Warner Bros, Make-A-Wish. She is best known as an Instagram star, YouTuber, Tiktokstar, and The Queen Of Cosplay.

2. When was Taya Miller born? What is Taya Miller’s Parent’s Siblings’ Name?

Taya was born on 04 March 1999, in Iowa, United States. But, Recently moved out to California, United States. This is where he grew up with her siblings during her childhood and with her parents. Her mother’s name is Cindy Miller, but her father’s and sibling’s names are under review. She also studied Iowa for her elementary child education and high school education.

3. What is Taya Miller famous for?

Taya is massively popular on the web video platforms YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok where she uploads several cosplay dress-up, travel, and lifestyle challenge vlogs sharing her lifestyle with viewers around the world on the internet including her viral release. Like She Gets Power Rangers Beast Morphers Toys!

She gained popularity on social media due to her elaborate costumes of various characters, ranging from those found in Spider-Man and Hawkeye to beloved Disney and Star Wars figures.

4. What is Taya Miller Age/Height/Weight?

Age 25 years Old
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches(1.68)
Weight 58 Kg (130 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physic Type Slim
Physic Measurement 36-28-36

5. When did Taya join YouTube/Instagram?

Taya started her YouTube channel in Joined Oct 29, 2013, debuting on the video platform with the upload titled “REY MET REY & BB-8 GOT BULLIED?”, Currently she has (a YouTube channel @tayamiller) 185K subscribers & 98 videos.

She joined Instagram in January 2013, she regularly uploads her targeted content, lifestyle, photos, and videos on Instagram. At various times he was seen in photos/selfies with Hollywood stars. As of Sep 2023, she has 407 posts and 805K followers on Instagram, and her profile is verified.

6. When did Taya join TikTok?

She joined on 13 June 2019 TikTok, and uploaded her first video “Hagrid’s motorbike adventure”. Now she has 4.7M Followers and 167M Likes on her TikTok profile. She usually uploads her content which is uploads on Instagram and YouTube.

7. What is Taya Miller’s Main Content?

Taya creates Cosplay, Lifestyle, Travel Blogs, Interviews, and Content which includes several challenge videos that focus on various topics per video from traveling to different countries like Hide and Seek, to videos like dating with a boyfriend. She is famous for her costume/cosplay like Barbie, Motion Pictures, Wakanda, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Lady Hulk, Jean Grey’s costume, etc. She attended a Forbes interview, where the presenter told her The Queen Of Cosplay.

8. Who is Taya Miller’s Boyfriend/Miller Husband?

Currently, she is in a relationship, Taya Miller’s Boyfriend’s name is Jordan T. Johnson. They didn’t get married, but they lived together. Many of the time both of them shared their travel & dating photos/videos on social media platforms.

9. What is Taya Miller net worth (2023)?

Taya’s net worth of $1 – $5 million US dollars as of 2023. He makes more income from advertising networks, sponsorship, and donations. Her YouTube channel is from both YouTube AdSense revenue earnings and several Brand ambassador Deals he makes with companies including deals and Affiliate Commissions.

10. How to contact Taya Miller?

You can contact him through several channels like email, social media, agencies, etc. We have given below the possible means of contact with her.

Email business@tayamiller.com
Phone URL
Website URL
Instagram URL
Facebook URL
Twitter URL
Others URL


1. being able to go with my father, who is the inspiration behind my passion for Star Wars and Marvel, to the Galactic Starcruiser and The Eternals premieres. My dad doesn’t often express emotion (sorry 4 the outing Dad haha luv you), but throughout these 2 moments, I could see his joy and love, and that will always be a memory I can’t get back.

2. FOR THE FIRST TIME LEAVING THE COUNTRY! GO TO LONDON! The actual success was spending time with my loved one and running into some old pals.

3. Introducing my new house to my family and friends.

4. After witnessing my brother get married to the love of his life, I was dancing with my mother. Additionally, I frequently fly home to maintain the rituals that my family and I have developed over the years.

5. Bringing my aunt back to her favorite city and taking my cousin to New York City for the first time on his first flight.

6. Watching my best buddy, who hasn’t seen a musical since college, in it. Additionally, we were shocked to see Harry Styles perform alongside her. Yes, we were Directioners.

7. Traveling to Japan with Daniel and Patrick (LOL, I can’t share my fave memories on social media).

8. Taking the holidays to orom work to spend time with our families.



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In conclusion, Taya, the talented digital content creator and cosplayer, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her beautiful cosplay and entertaining content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. With a supportive boyfriend in Jordan, she continues to collect a significant net worth through her creative endeavors. For those eager to connect with her, various contact options are available. Taya’s journey is a testament to her dedication to bringing joy to her fans and leaving a lasting crash in the world of cosplay and entertainment. [Note: This content is collected from Forbase/YouTube/Social Media/ Taya Blog/Web search.]