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What’s Coming On Netflix First Week May 2022 | With Plot & Trailer

Below are the names, plots, and trailers of all the movies/dramas/web series that will be released on Netflix in the first week of May 2022.

What’s Coming On Netflix First Week May 2022

The American [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – Assassin Jack is dispatched to a small Italian town to await further orders, and he begins a double life that may be more relaxing than is good for him.

The American
The American Movie Cover Photo

Top Cast: George Clooney, Thekla Reuten, Violante Placido.

Genres: Movies Based on Books, Crime Movies, and US Movies.

DANTE’S PEAK [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – When a volcanologist arrives in town to investigate recent rumblings from a dormant volcano, a massive eruption leaves everyone in town fighting for their lives.


Top Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Elizabeth Hoffman, Linda Hamilton

Genres: US Movies, Action & Adventure

LEGO Friends [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – Olivia, a new girl in town, volunteers to work at the Heartlake City World Petacular with four other girls as a way to meet new people.

Lego Friends
Lego Friends Cover Photo

Top Cast: Elisa Schnebelie, Lucia Vecchio, Raquel Christiana

Genres: Danish, Kids’ TV, TV Cartoons

Blippi Wonders [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – In this animated series, curious Blippi sets off on fun adventures with his faithful sidekicks to answer a burning question of the day.


Top Cast: N/A

Genres: Kids’ TV, Education for Kids

MAN OF TAI CHI [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – In this Beijing-set kung fu story, a young man armed with unrivaled martial arts skills becomes embroiled in the world of underground fight clubs.


Top Cast: Keanu Reeves, Karen Mok, Tiger Chen

Genres: Martial Arts Movies, Action & Adventure, US Movies


Plot – In 1963 Wyoming, two sheepherders become involved in an increasingly passionate affair, but concealing the relationship from their wives proves agonizing.


Top Cast: Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams, Jake Gyllenhaal

Genres: LGBTQ Movies, Westerns
This movie is: Intimate, Emotional, Romantic, US Movies

Eye See You [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – After witnessing a heinous crime, FBI agent Jake Malloy must overcome his fears in order to apprehend a serial killer on the loose.

Eye See You
Eye See You Cover Photo

Top Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Kris Kristofferson, Charles S. Dutton

Genres: Movies Based on Books, Action & Adventure, US Movies

A Man Wanted [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – A relationship-skeptic banker devises an unusual plan to become a single mother in order to fulfill her dream of motherhood before it’s too late.

A Man Wanted
A Man Wanted Cover Photo

Top Cast: Mohamed Mamdouh, Nelly Kariem, Lotfy Labib

Genres: Egyptian, Middle Eastern Movies, Romantic Comedies

SPACE COWBOYS [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – Four retired fighter pilots, who were rejected by NASA 40 years ago, are summoned to prevent a disabled satellite from collapsing into Earth.


Top Cast: Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones

Genres: Action & Adventure, Dramas, US Movies

ARPO [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – Arpo, a nanny robot, begins working for the eccentric Dilovely family — and soon finds himself dealing with trouble magnet, Baby Daniel!


Top Cast: N/A

Genres: British, Kids’ TV, Education for Kids

KEDIBONE [ May 01, 2022]

Plot – An aspiring actor from Soweto manages to pay for college with the assistance of her boyfriend. But being a Johannesburg “it girl” comes at a higher price.

KEDIBONE Cover Photo
KEDIBONE Cover Photo

Top Cast: Natasha Thahane, Kenneth Nkosi, Wright Ngubeni

Genres: South African, African Movies, Dramas

ABOVE & BEYOND (Season 1) [ May 02, 2022]

Plot – The Octonauts’ explorations extend beyond the sea — and onto land! They’ll protect any threatened habitats and animals with new rides and new friends.


Top Cast: Simon Greenall, Antonio Aakeel, Rob Rackstraw

Genres: British, Kids’ TV, Education for Kids

HOLD YOUR BREATH [ May 02, 2022]

Plot – In this documentary, follow free diver Johanna Nordblad as she attempts to break the world record for distance traveled under the ice with one breath.


Top Cast: N/A

Genres: Documentary Films, Inspiring, Sports Movies
This movie is: Adrenaline Rush, Exciting

THE FLASH (S7) [ May 03, 2022]

Plot – In this live-action superhero romp, a forensics expert awakens from a coma with amazing new powers and faces off against forces threatening the city.


Top Cast: Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton

Genres: Sci-Fi TV, TV Action & Adventure, TV Shows Based on Comics

SI, MI AMOR [ May 03, 2022]

Plot – A young couple, eager to tie the knot, struggles to plan the perfect wedding while juggling various obstacles and odd characters.


Top Cast: Yiddá Eslava, Julián Zucchi, Andrés Salas

Genres: Peruvian, Comedies, Romantic Comedie

DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (S6) [ May 03, 2022]

Plot – A mysterious “time master” from the future brings together an unlikely alliance of superheroes and villains to save the world from a powerful evil.


Top Cast: Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Victor Garber

Genres: Sci-Fi TV, TV Action & Adventure, TV Shows Based on Comics

SHOWTIME 1958 [ May 03, 2022]

Plot – Director P. Ramlee organizes a variety show to raise funds for fellow performers who lost their jobs before Eid in this film based on true events.

Top Cast: Amai Kamarudin, Bell Ngasri, Shah Iskandar

Genres: Malaysian, Dramas

40 YEARS YOUNG [ May 04, 2022]

Plot – After learning a painful truth, a chef enters a culinary competition in Cancn with his best friend and restaurant partner to rekindle his zest for life.

Top Cast: Erick Elías, Gaby Espino Adal Ramones,

Genres: Mexican, Comedies, Dramas


Plot – Insiders recount the events, controversies, and long-term consequences of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident in Pennsylvania.

Top Cast: N/A

Genres: Social & Cultural Docs, Docuseries, Historical Documentaries

EL MARGINAL (S1) [ May 04, 2022]

Plot – An ex-cop sent to infiltrate a prison to investigate a kidnapping finds himself surrounded by dangerous felons who don’t know his true identity.


Top Cast: Juan Minujín, Claudio Rissi, Nicolás Furtado

Genres: Crime TV Shows, TV Thrillers, Argentinian

The Circle [ May 04, 2022]

Plot – In this social experiment and competition show, online players flirt, befriend, and catfish their way to $100,000.


Top Cast: Michelle Buteau

Genres: Competition Reality TV, US TV Shows, Reality-TV

Summertime (S3) [ May 04, 2022]

Plot – During summer on Italy’s Adriatic Coast, two young adults from very different backgrounds fall in love. Federico Moccia’s book series served as inspiration.


Top Cast: Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, Amanda Campana, Ludovico Tersigni

Genres: Romantic TV Dramas, TV Shows Based on Books, Italian

The Pentaverate (S1) [ May 05, 2022]

Plot – After centuries of influencing global events, a secret society faces a dangerous threat from within. Can a Canadian journalist save them – and the world?


Top Cast: Mike Myers, Richard McCabe, Lydia West

Genres: TV Comedies, US TV Shows

CLARK [ May 05, 2022]

Plot – This is the incredible story of Clark Olofsson, the infamous criminal who coined the phrase “Stockholm syndrome.” Based on his lies and truths.


Top Cast: N/A

Genres: Swedish, Crime TV Shows, TV Shows Based on Books

Wild Babies [ May 05, 2022]

Plot – Follow the exploits of baby lions, elephants, penguins, pangolins, and other animals as they learn to deal with the ups and downs of life in the wild.


Top Cast: N/A

Genres: Science & Nature Docs, Nature & Ecology Documentaries, Docuseries

Blood Sister [ May 05, 2022]

Plot – Best friends Sarah and Kemi, who are bound by a dangerous secret, are forced to flee after a wealthy groom goes missing during his engagement party.


Top Cast: Ini Dima-Okojie, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Nancy Isime

Genres: Crime TV Shows, Nollywood, TV Thrillers

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